Complementary Cancer Medicine

It is certainly not the aim of the alternative cancer-medicine to substitute the conventional medicine, but rather to accompany it. After the today's knowledge it is – from my point of view – nearly always advisable to remove the tumor. Here it is important that one cuts into the healthy surroundings of the tumor in order to remove really all of it. Additional one should use chemo therapy and a set of radiations, if necessary.

In the ideal case, we can start with the treatment right after the disease has been diagnosed by a doctor. This would be good for several reasons:
The diagnosis "cancer" destroys in a sudden moment the self-perception of the person as a wholesome human being. It can be very helpful for people to have a place, where they can can sharel their thoughts and worries and can meet an empathic listener in the person of the practitioner. Usually family members or other close persons are so much loaded with the fear to loose the beloved one that they often can not master this task alone.

Different blood tests should be checked already now, so that after the excision of the tumor the complementary cancer-therapy can be begun immediately. From my point of view these tests – according to actual requirements – can be particularly of relevance.
• Tumor marker (based on the organ, which is infected by the cancer)
• Status of the lymphocytes (status of the immune system)
• eventually viral and bacterial serotesting
• general health check (intestine)
• testing of the functioning of the natural killer cells and testing of the prescribed medication in terms of whether they activate this important defense-front
• Protein Profile
• micro-nutriment in the blood

Also the traditional "Order-Therapy" can be helpful to fight the cancer and stay balanced and in good mood:
• a healthy amount of moving – good are rhythm orientated excercises
• food, which really nourishes
• to drink enough daily
• barely consumption of sweets and alcoholic drinks
• a healthy amount of sleep and eventually relaxation-training

The domain of the complementary cancer therapy are to be seen here:
• Reconciliation of therapy-induced immunsuppression?
• Reduction of disease-referred complaints in the broadest sense
• Decrease of side effects of irradiation (radiation sickness)
• help against nausea, caused by the chemo therapy
– treatment of lymphodema
– treatment of Cancer sore and excoriation of the esophagus
– help against gastritis and constipation

These methods and remedies are being used in the complementary cancer-medicine:
• tumor vaccine according to Tallberg
• biological response modifier
• thymus-, milt – and liverpolipeptide
• vitamin C in high-dosis-therapy
• mistletoe-therapy
• lymph-drainage
micro immune therapy
classical homeopathy
• individually induced potentiated cytokine

We will decide together on how we will work on your recovery and your well-being further on.
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