Nutrient Medicine

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Nutrient medicine belongs to the so-called experience-medicine. It was brought into being when biochemists in an experiment artificially produced a lack of minerals to well fed animals and then documented the diseases which developed. Subsequently, the depots of the animals were filled again and their health was thus repaired.

Since that time the orthomolecular-medicine – as it is also called – became a constant field of investigation by scientists. It is continuously tested and improved with the help of human test-persons.
It presents itself as transparently, without risk and controllable, among other things also because hypervitaminosen e.g. from vitamin B12 supplies disappear as soon as the substitution is set off.

With modern times and the outcome of it:

•poverty of our soils from over-fertilisation
•changed food-patterns like malnutrition through the consumption of fast- and convenient-food
•stressinduced nutrient deficiency-syndroms

Orthomolecular medicine becomes more and more important for the well-being of the individual. Who can or is willing to follow the recommendation to eat five times a day fruits and vegetables?

A treatment with nutrient medicine therapy is based on thorough examinations like a detailed questioning about the life-habits of the patient and about the experience of "Disorders". On a physical level a blood- and/or hair-analysis can be helpful. After these data are collected and analysed , I can then give recommendations like change of eating habits, infusions, which might be useful or – due to the actual situation – it might even be necessary to take pills or capsules for a while in order to achieve an improvement.

To assist in the understanding, here some examples of diseases, which can be induced by lack of vitamins and minerals:

Susceptibility for infection: lack of "Zink", lack of Vitamin C
Tiredness, exhaustion, sleep disturbances: Lack of magnesium, potassium, copper
Anemia: Lack of iron, cobalt, copper

Also medication can cause lack of nutrient:

Taking of evacuants (cathartics) can lead to lack of the vitamins A, D, E, K
Taking of contraceptives can lead to lack of the vitamins A,C, D, E, B1, B2, B6, B12, folic acid
Taking of antihypertensive drugs can lead to lack of the vitamins B6, B12

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