Micro Immune-Therapy

Micro immune therapy is based on the perception that the immune-reaction of the body plays a central role in the emergence of diseases. Thus, micro immune therapy concentrates on clinical and biological improvement of the immune regulation and therefore to create a positive impact on the health situation of the organism. Areas of application are in particular diseases, which are based on an immune disturbance, as for example (chronic) infections or allergies.

In the late sixties of last century (1967), Dr. Maurice Jenaer, a Belgium homeopath, began to make use of so called Cytokines. These are molecules, which had been detected by scientists as they studied the human ability to stay immune. The cytokines are used as an agent to influence the immune reaction of a person and to enhance the condition of the body, without the normally experienced side-effects of a remedy.

The whole of the micro-immune-therapeutic components are made of synthetic raw materials, it is thus neither of human- nor of animal origin. This circumstance and the production of the medication is according to homeopathic principles in accordance with the valid European standards to ensure a low-risk therapy.

The immune system of the body functions like the customs in our states. The immune competent cells are situated especially at the places of the body, which have direct contact to the outside world, like the oral mucosa and the surrounding lymph areas. Therefore the homeopathic way to apply remedies – the pellets are given under the tongue and stay there a few minutes, before they to melt– this is the best way to administer the medicine.

Treatment is sequentially (a series of 5 or 10 days of treatment), with the intention to provoke a physiological series of reactions (chain reactions). Thus the body regains step by step his immune balance and the biological equilibrium is established again.

Please take into account that the here given information about indications and effectiveness of the micro immune therapy rest on the insight of the therapy method itself.

You can find further information at the homepage of the ‘International Institute for Micro Immune Therapy’.
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