Classical Homoeopathy

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Classical Homeopathy was developed by the German physician Dr. Samuel Hahnemann around 1800 and was continuously enhanced by him through the years. This kind of therapy was and is successfully used with chronic and acute diseases and leads carefully and directly to the recovery of the entire human being. The concept of the classical Homeopathy is focussed on healing not only the specific disease, but to treat the human being as a whole - body, soul and spirit. The well known homeopathic pellets are given once and then the homeopathic practitioner waits for the reaction before he decides on how to go further in his healing effort.
Now, what is the aim of this treatment? To stimulate the organism, to call on the live-force – which exists in every organism – to fight the complaints of the individual and to provide again enough strength for the health and the well-being of the whole person.

In order to be able to find a medication that works for the patient, an in depth – so called - "anamnesis" (questioning) has to be done. What is a anamnesis?
The idea is that the case history of the patient has to be raised first, before the practitioner can choose among his remedies the specific one for this person. An in depth anamnesis can take between one and two hours and not only the actual medical condition of a patient will be subject of the conversation, but also pre- and side-complaints. The practitioner may ask about the childhood of the patient, about the family background, the surroundings, the character of the patient and much more. He listens carefully, he asks for further detail and once again listens, as only by listening to what the patient says he gets the information he needs in order to be able to help him with his medical condition.

In my practice you have enough time to have your say and report about your physical complaints and your worries. Then I sum up the information you have given me and to find a compact impression about the medical problem concerned. Therefore I have to "repertorise", which means that I have to integrate your symptoms into a wider, an overall-view or an overall-impression of the complaints and to find a corresponding medication for you. The classical Homeopathic principle is: "similia similibus curantur" (latin) – "the Same heals the Same" or "the Like heals the Like". Thus you will get a remedy from me, which will be similar to your complaints. I will then ask you to watch carefully your reactions to the medication and we shall make an appointment for four weeks later, to talk about your reactions and to – if necessary – take further steps for your healing. Of course I am always attainable in the meantime for you, so that you can call or visit me, if you should experience unusual reactions to the medication.
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