Footreflexology - Massage in Munich

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Reflexology therapy at the foot ranks among the therapies which lead to a change of metabolism works with the regeneration of physical energy.

The method originates in its substantial beginnings from a probably
millenium-old indian knowledge. It was also known in Egypt long ago, as there is a depiction of the method in a 4200 years old grave of an ancient Egyptian physician.

The American doctor, Dr. Fitzgerald (1872-1942), gathered and systematized the by oral history transported traditional knowledge of the Indian medicine. He supplemented his findings by observations – made during decades of his own research – that the massage of certain zones or points at the body can improve organ functions and can have an positive effect on pain or can even make it disappear. Astonishingly enough he found that
it is of no concern, how far these zones or points are away from the organ treated. Based on this knowledge he developed the following systematic: He divided the body in ten zones which run from the vertex to the sole, five zones each on the left and on the right half of the body. Between 1910 and 1930 he instructed interested physicians and therapists in his method.
The American Masseuse Eunice Ingham published a book called "Stories that your feet tell" and found a broad public with it. Since the middle of the sixties, Hanne Marquardt established substantiated trainings in the german-speaking-sector on footreflexoloxy-massage.

The footreflexology therapy belongs today to the most common therapy offered in many practices, hospitals and rehabilitation hospitals.

The Practice for Natural/Alternative Medicine Münzel offers courses for footreflexology therapy.
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