Naturopathic Practise

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Hildegard Münzel - Alternative Practitioner

Consultation hours on appointment

Am St. Jakobsplatz 12

D- 80331 Munich
fon: +49-(0) 89 - 26 31 70
fax +49 (0) 89 - 2 60 42 38

You can find the naturopathic practise nearby the "Sendlinger Tor".
You can detect the adress in the city map, if you click here.

Please you use our form for contact for inquiries.

Responsible supervisory authority: Public Health Authorities Munich

Job Title: Alternative Practitioner

awarded in the Federal Republic of Germany
after having passed successfully the Alternative Practitioner Exam
Examination held by Public Health Authorities Munich
Job relevant regulations:
The Alternative Practitioner''s Professional Code of Conduct (german abbreviation BOH)
Scale of Charges and Fee (german abbreviation GeBueH)
One can find the text in the Law Gazette of the Federal Republic of Germany
Hildegard Münzel
in München auf jameda
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Heilpraktiker für Fußreflexbehandlung
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